Naturally Wine Newsletter is based in Toronto, Canada and is a weekly compendium of articles, social media posts, and info about natural* wine — with a focus on low-intervention, sustainable, and transparent winemaking — by me, Rachel Kagan, an amateur wine writing enthusiast.

In October 2017, I developed an interest in natural and low-intervention wine after a dinner at Treadwell in Niagara-on-the-Lake, where I had a Riesling from Pearl Morissette. After that, I found that I was reading so many articles about natural wine that I wanted to share the best parts of those articles with you! Yes, you! So I started this newsletter in December 2018!

The focus of this newsletter is mostly on natural and local Ontario wine, and the producers, importers, bottle shops, and the (Canadian) politics behind them.

Feel free to check out the Guide to Drinking and Buying Natural Wine in Toronto, and if you’re interested in subscribing to this newsletter, please do!

*Natural wine is loosely defined as having nothing added and nothing taken away. It’s typically made in small batches, using grapes that have been responsibly farmed, fermented with wild yeast, and made with minimal sulphites and no additives.

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